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 Filing Taxes What is it?

a. A person who permanently lives in Canada by law has to file their taxes. It
doesn’t matter if the person is employed, unemployed, receive financial help
from the government or has no income.

b. Filing taxes is important because without it you cant get money from the
government. Filing taxes helps you to get federal, provincial and municipal tax
benefits & refunds.

When Do I Have To File My Taxes?

a. April 30 – the deadline for most Canadians
b. June 15 – the deadline if you or your spouse/common-law partner is self employed (but if you owe money on your taxes, you should file and pay your bill
by April 30, or you’ll be charged interest)

 How Long After I File Will I Get My Tax Return?

a. For electronically filed returns, you may receive your refund within two weeks.
b. Paper Filed returns may take up to 6-8 weeks.

Will I owe money to the CRA affect my Canada child benefits?

a. No, your Canada child benefit will not be impacted.
i. and CRCB, 5% of the tax withheld will be reported on the T4A slip, and the
other 5% will be written on the RL-1 slip –

What Are Some Tax Credits I Should Know?

a. To take advantage of all the tax credits available to you, you need to be
aware of them in the first place to ensure you save the receipts. A great
a position to start is by visiting the deductions, credits and expenses section of the
government’s website, but here’s a short-list to give you an idea of what out
b. Search and rescue volunteers’ amount
c. Home buyers’ amount
d. Donations and gifts
e. Tuition, education, and textbook amounts transferred from a student
f. Interest paid on your student loans
g. Adoption expenses

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What If I Need Some Help While Doing My Taxes?

Contact: LCCMedia Foundation Low-Income Free Tax Clinic

Call: 780-860-3229


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