Kirsha Campbell shares nuggets for business owners


Kirsha Campbell is the CEO of

She helps CEOs move from profit to cashflow with financial systems. Kirsha integrates all the moving parts of your business to set up the right foundation to be recession proof, operate with reduced risks, increase cash flow, set up effective systems, and procedures. Kirsha helps business owners say goodbye to overwhelm, stress and frustration about their businesses results and operation. She is deeply passionate about helping her clients and is committed to forming lasting relationships.

Kirsha joined Tee Adeyemo recently in a new program titled 5 Mins with your Accountant.  She comes with years of experience as an accountant with CPA, CMA. She works with children as well teaching them the foundational knowledge they need in financial literacy.

The question that was answered was “ Simple Steps to Pay Less Taxes“. These steps are legitimate and common sense.

One of the steps is being organised and having a robust system in place to capture income and expenses.

It is a short watch. Please subscribe to our Youtube page for more nuggets with Kirsha Campbell Thursdays at 430pm.


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